Safety Daily at K & S Millwrights

Safety is a top priority here at K & S Millwrights. We take it very serious in all aspects of our business, during every job, whether it is a large grain storage construction project or a quick onsite repair. There are multiple ways we provide training to our employees and ensure safety is top priority for everyone.

  • CPR/First Aid/Defibulator certified employees
  • Safety policy reviews annually
  • Forklift certifications
  • AWAIR safety program
  • Monthly safety toolbox talks
  • Emergency action plan
  • Safety committee that consists of six employees and management
  • The OSHA 10-Hour course for all members of the safety committee
  • Certified Crane Operators and other employee’s that are certified in the Fundamentals of Rigging, Rigging Inspections and being a Signal Person
  • A Drug-free work place – with pre-employment testing before hiring and a quarterly random inspection company wide
  • Personal protective equipment is required at all times for our employees

K&S Company, Safety First

Annual Safety Training

Once a year we have a company-wide Safety Training Day where we bring in all employees to review standards and precautions, OSHA regulations, job hazards and the previous year, to learn from it. Our 2017 training happened just a few weeks ago, at the end of January. Together, with our insurance company, outside professional resources for our drivers and our drug program, and management, we dedicate an entire day to review and provide demonstrations on topics and products our company encounters in the scope of their business day. We take the time to ensure every employee understands the importance of safety in their every day job, avoid complacency with routine jobs and understand that one poor choice can have large consequences.

While we have this big event once a year, there are many smaller trainings and reviews completed throughout the year through toolbox talks. We also use resources through the college, MN DOT, our insurance company and other outside professional companies to train our employee’s and make them aware of the importance of this piece of their job.

Crane Certifications

Crane and Boom Trucks. Safety Training.K & S Millwrights has certified crane operators on staff. Recently we had five employees complete a 4-day education process which is done for new certifications and to be re-certified once their current license expires. The 4 days include classroom education, passing a written test, and a practical test using our mobile cranes and boom trucks. All certifications are done by a nationally accredited crane examiner and follow all OSHA required compliance.

Reasonable Suspicion Training

Operating large equipment requires focus and quick actions. The accident rate for drug users is 60% higher than non-users, which is why K & S Millwrights requires a drug-free workplace. As an employer, we have a legal obligation to provide each of our employees a healthy and safe workplace environment. In January, we had two more of our staff complete the requirements for being trained to exercise a Reasonable Suspicion test, if ever needed. The purpose of this training is to comply with the drug free workplace training requirements and improve our ability to recognize employees under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs, and to be able to take legal, appropriate action. Along with our pre-employment testing and quarterly random testing, we now have additional staff trained to request Reasonable Suspicion Testing at any time.

On A Daily Basis

K & S Millwrights is dedicated to making sure all employees have the knowledge to keep themselves and their crew member’s safe throughout the day. We understand the situations our employees are working in and make every effort to ensure they understand what is expected of them not only for themselves but also their co-workers, and the consequences their actions may create.

Would you like educated, safety conscious people working on your site? Give K & S Millwrights a call for your next project. Contact us today!

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Winter Discounts Expire This Month

Winter Discounts ExpireK&S Winter Discounts end February 28th. Now is your chance to complete updates and additions. Plus, you’ll save some money! Make improvements to your grain handling and drying equipment before the hustle and bustle of spring planting starts.

Have you contemplated adding another bin or upgrading your dryer? Bins, dryers, legs and conveyors are your biggest discount opportunities. Not sure you are ready for this step? Contact K&S today and we’ll help walk you through the opportunities. Some of the equipment distributors that we work with occasionally extend the discounts they offer. If we know you’re interested, we can work with you to get the best opportunity!

Schedule Today!

Are you looking to implement new equipment later this year or just have something that “needs to get done”? Contact us now to get on our schedule. We will give you the best service possible, within a time frame that works for you.

Contact Brad and the team by the end of February to ensure you save with Winter Discounts!

Office: 320-833-2228      Brad’s Cell: 320-979-9221

Happy Thanksgiving from K&S

To allow our employees to give thanks with their families we will be closed Thursday, November 24th. We will reopen with normal hours on Friday, November 25th at 8am. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Happy Thanksgiving from K&S Millwrights

Planning for Your Future Harvest Needs

Sioux Steel Bins

Sioux Steel Bins

As the harvest is wrapping up for the year, any struggles you faced over the past year are fresh in your memory. Now is an opportune time to think about what you’d like to improve for next year. Is your operation setup to run as smoothly as you need it to?

Time to Take Action

NECO Dryers

NECO Dryers

Now is a great time to schedule equipment updates and additions. K&S Winter Discounts are now available to help you make the improvements you need regarding your grain handling and drying equipment. Whether you need to add another bin, upgrade your dryer or change out another piece of equipment now is the perfect time to start that process. Winter discounts are available right now, which means huge savings for you!  Let K&S Millwrights help take some of your stress out of next harvest and save you money in the process!

Lambton Legs & Conveyors

Lambton Legs & Conveyors

Winter Discounts

Discount percentages decline over the winter months and expire the end of February.  Get the most for your dollar by ordering early!  This also puts you on the top of the list for projects on the spring schedule.  To optimize your operation the way you want it to run, call K & S Millwrights today for your free quote and to take advantage of these money saving opportunities now!

Call us today!

Office: 320-833-2228      Brad’s Cell: 320-979-9221

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Supporting FFA Corn Drive

Once again K&S Millwrights was happy to support Buffalo Lake – Hector – Stewart FFA’s Corn Drive with a donation. Buffalo Lake – Hector – Stewart FFA (Future Farmers of America) organizes a Corn Drive yearly. The proceeds benefit Camp Courage, a summer camp for children and adults with disabilities.

FFA Corn DriveThe local community has participated in this drive since 1955 and donated over $127,000 dollars throughout that time! It is a cause K&S is proud to support. Until this year the largest year of donations was in 2014 when $8,000 was collected. This year’s drive has already exceeded that number and continues gathering donations until October 15th.

Why is it called a Corn Drive?

The name “Corn Drive” has been used for years. Traditionally donations came from farmers in the form of grain/crop pledges. Over the years donations have transitioned to cash which now makes up 90% of the contributions. Because of this transition, local businesses are also included in this worthwhile effort. Since corn/grain donations are still offered, BLHS FFA works with South Central Grain and Energy to keep track of grain donations.

FFA & Community

Many FFA Chapters gather donations to support community and philanthropy. BLHS FFA is a small chapter with 30 members across our three communities. Even though they are smaller than many chapters they continuously remain in the top 10 MN chapters for contributions. In 2014 they were fifth in the state and in 2015 they came in sixth in the state for contributions. BLHS FFA will find out where they stand against other MN FFA chapter for contributions at the MN State FFA Convention in April 2017.

K&S Millwrights enjoys supporting the FFA chapter, the students in the organization and Camp Courage, the recipient of the donations. Camp Courage allows children and adolescents living with blood disorders or cancer the opportunity to experience camp and outdoor activities at NO COST. It provides them the opportunity to play with and learn from other peers with similar healthcare issues, providing a setting that gives everyone the opportunity to gain coping skills and understanding in relation to their diagnosis, while building up self-esteem and support. Camp courage is staffed by trained medical and support staff.

Consider giving your own donation to the cause, there is still time. Contact Mrs. Jill Grams in the Ag Department at the BLHS high school, the advisor in charge of the FFA organization. She can be reached at or by calling 320-848-2233.

Rainfall Creates Harvest Challenges

Over summer many areas of Minnesota received high amounts of rainfall and that continued into the fall harvest season. Some farmers are having a hard time getting combines into fields to harvest. Others are concerned about crop drying needs this may cause.

Wet cornfield harvestSmall grain harvesting was impacted earlier this year in some areas as the Star Tribune reported. Excessive rainfall continued through September which can be seen in this MPR news story. This all starts to work against farmers as they labor to get crops harvested before the seasons change and snow falls. While there should still be time to complete harvest we never know with Minnesota weather.

K & S Millwrights’ trained staff offers 24-hour service on all your drying equipment.  No matter when you need help, support or parts, our number one goal is to get you through harvest with little down time.  We know that is important to you, and you are important to us!  We hope and pray for beautiful harvest weather for everyone.

Fall Harvest Is Near – We Are Here for Your Repairs!

combining cornFall harvest is approaching! With that comes hard work and long hours for farmers, cooperatives, elevators and equipment. K&S Millwrights understands when it is harvest time your equipment needs to function at full capacity. Harvesting your crops in a timely manner in proper weather conditions is critical to maximizing your yield.

You’ve been preparing for this harvest all year long. Preventative maintenance is done, but breakdowns happen and they need to get fixed fast. Whether a drive belt wears out, an auger needs welding or drying equipment malfunctions we understand those unplanned events delay your harvest. K&S Millwrights offers 24-hour service for this reason. If you are dealing with anything related to grain handling, storage and drying we can help quickly.

Repair Expertise:
  • Grain bins
  • Grain legs
  • Unload system parts
  • Air transfer system repairs
  • Grain dryer repairs
  • Portable welding
  • Parts supplier, new & used
  • Onsite hardware store

K&S Millwrights has experienced crews, a large inventory of parts and a fleet of trailers available for 24-hour breakdown emergency’s, repair work and scheduled preventative maintenance shutdowns. It never fails that a breakdown happens with rain in the forecast. Your profits and business are in the field. The harvest can’t be delayed. K&S Millwrights is here to help ensure your fall harvest is a success.

Call 320-833-2228 when you need assistance from K&S!

Emergency 24 Hour Service Available

24 Hour ServiceCall K&S Millwrights for emergency repairs during harvest time. You need your equipment working consistently and repairs completed quickly. We are here to get that done 24 hours a day! When you have a breakdown, any time day or night, call K&S Millwrights at 320-833-2228.

K&S Millwrights Repair Services:
  • Repair or replace leg and conveyor belts
  • Auger repair
  • Drag conveyor repairs
  • Bin repairs
  • Portable welding
  • Structural repairs
  • Dryer repairs
  • Gear box repair and replacement
  • Bearing replacement

K&S Millwrights maintains a full inventory of parts to replace broken components quickly. Add 320-833-2228 to your contacts or phone book. You never know when you might need assistance from K&S Millwrights!

K&S Millwrights grain handling

Your Local Hardware Store Source

Did you know that K&S Millwrights has an onsite hardware store in Buffalo Lake that is available to the public? How often do you need a tool, grilling charcoal or propane tanks, drive belts, batteries, bolts, or even a RugDoctor carpet cleaner? Need to send a package by UPS, we have you covered for that too! Save time and gas money. Visit K&S Millwright’s onsite hardware store the next time you are out of charcoal or your tank is empty for your grill, need a tool or you’re in the middle of a plumbing or fix-it project.

K&S Millwrights Hardware StoreNeed a fresh coat of paint or stain?  Your local hardware store right here in Buffalo Lake stocks only the best – Valspar Paint and Cabot Stain.  Haven’t used them in the past?  Let us match your last color with our up-to-date technology and Color Match system.  Come in and visit with Kent Scharmer, our hardware store manager!  He grew up with hardware store knowledge and will answer all your questions!

We offer a wide variety of products that you’d look for in a hardware store. Visit and enjoy the relaxed shopping experience and personalized assistance.

Hardware Store Hours:
Monday – Friday: 8am – 5:30pm
Saturday: 8am – noon

The K&S Hardware Store is located at our business location:
217 East Hall Avenue
Buffalo Lake, MN 55314

Give us a call at 320-833-2228 if you are looking for something special. We are here to help our customers find a solution to their need.

Picture the Changes at K&S!

In 1994 Donna Moraz visited K&S Millwrights for the first time. Now, 22 years later Donna got the opportunity to revisit with longtime business associates and friends, Susan and Brad Krumrey. What Donna found at K&S during her recent tour were vast changes and growth over the past couple of decades.

DeeRoss Company, Inc., Donna’s company has been a supplier of buckets, pulleys, belting, liners, level sensors and more to K&S Millwrights since May of 1994 when K&S first opened. At that time, Donna was working with K&S as small business comprised of only Susan and Brad. Susan conducted business out of a quonset garage building, and Brad was often working out of his truck. Donna remembers “there was no fabrication shop, no K&S branded trailers, no auto-cad engineering, no onsite inventory, and no cranes. Today, K&S has all of that!”

“It was clear from what I saw that their ability to respond quickly to customer needs is really outstanding.”

It’s fantastic to be able to glance at your own business through the eyes of someone else who can easily identify changes from his or her perspective. Donna was gracious enough to share the pictures she took on her recent tour and what struck her as remarkable, noting, “it was clear from what I saw that their ability to respond quickly to customer needs is really outstanding.”

Inventory and a hardware store onsite!

K&S Millwrights

Jon Petit (K&S), Donna Moraz (DeeRoss Company), and Brad Krumrey (K&S Owner) on Saturday morning at the hardware store at K&S Millwrights.

K&S Millwrights

Lots of V-belts and electrical components ready to respond to a customer breakdown.

K&S Millwrights

Jon, Pat, and Brad with all the parts in stock!

K&S Millwrights

Donna Moraz, DeeRoss Company checking out the Rhino Hyde urethane that she just shipped to K&S  for lining spouting & hoppers before harvest.

K&S Millwrights

More than a truckload of transitions, elbows, band clamps, and more that are available for immediate shipment.

K&S Millwrights

Spouting accessories, screw augers, motors, and reducers are crated and ready for the job site.

K&S Millwrights

Another truckload of K-valves and pipe sections. Donna was amazed at the organization of all the inventory.

K&S Millwrights

Another building dedicated to responding immediately to customer breakdowns. More components ready to ship.

K&S Millwrights

Ready for installation!

K&S Millwrights

It is truly one-stop shopping at K&S!

K&S Millwrights

More inventory located in Buffalo Lake. They have more space that most big box stores!

Dedicated Office Space

K&S Millwrights

As usual Brad was working hard already on Saturday morning. There’s a purchase order somewhere on his desk from Brad to Donna.

K&S Millwrights

Jon is quoting a project over the weekend for a local customer.

K&S Millwrights

Susan and Donna have known each other for 22 years.

K&S Millwrights

Donna and Pat take a break from watching John and Brad do all the heavy lifting.

K&S Has Really Grown!

K&S Millwrights

Donna had no idea that K&S had added a dedicated shop and fabrication area.

K&S Millwrights

Donna was very impressed with the fleet of work trailers ready to respond to a grain elevator shut down and pre-harvest project.

K&S Millwrights

The big expansive yard for unloading equipment from vendors and staging equipment to ship to the job site was all new to Donna.

K&S Millwrights

The top section of a grain dryer proves no job is too large for K&S to handle.