Safety is a very important part of this job and we take it very seriously. There are many safety training’s that are done throughout the year to ensure that our team members have the training they need and refreshers on topics that come before them in their line of work.

K & S Millwrights, Inc. is a drug-free work place. We contract with a third party company to make sure all employees are screened before hiring and random screening is done throughout the year. Having this policy in place ensures total compliance for the safety of each employee and their co-workers.

Personal Protective Equipment: We require our employees at all times to wear their PPE; safety glasses, steel toed boots, gloves and hard hats.

CPR/First Aid Training/Defibulator: We work with our local Red Cross trainers annually to keep all employees, management, foremen and crew members, up to date on their certification. We never know how far out we are from health facilities, this ensures that we can take care of each other if the need arises.

You may have called in and gotten the response “he/she is in safety training for the day, can I take a message?” – K & S Millwrights has one full day every year where written policies and many safety topics are reviewed company wide. We contract with an outside Safety Compliance company who comes in with our management and other outside professionals to review topics and products we use to ensure every employee understand the importance of safety in their every day job. This yearly review allows us to talk as a team with all crew members about how they do, what works and doesn’t work and come up with the safest plan for everyone. In addition to these safety items, we also keep up on our forklift certifications and review our written policies; the AWAIR Safety Program, Hazard Communications and our Emergency Action Plan.

Some companies have their own safety program that they want us to review for their specific location, we also incorporate these during this day. If you have a policy for your facility, please let us know, we are more than willing to add this to our agenda for the day.

We have members of our safety committee that have been certified in the OSHA 10-Hour course through Ridgewater Community College.

We also have Certified Crane Operators and additional foremen that are certified in the Fundamentals of Rigging, Rigging Inspection and Signal Person through Hennepin Technical College.

Every Monday we gather to talk about last week and what lies ahead and once a month take time out for a refresher Tool Box Talk. K & S Millwrights is dedicated to making sure all employees have the knowledge to keep themselves and their crew member’s safe throughout the day. We take safety serious here; we understand the circumstances our employees are working in and make every effort to make sure they understand what is expected of them and the consequences their actions may create.