Supporting the Agriculture Industry and Local Community

Supporting the agriculture industry and our local community are important to us at K & S Millwrights. Successful agriculture organizations, farmers and businesses are an integral part of what we do every day. Our local community and the organizations within it have supported K & S from our start. We like to share that same level of support with others.

Support, Sponsors and Affiliations

Agriculture SupportSome of the organizations that we’re most involved with are shared on our website. We’re involved in our local business association, support the Buffalo Lake Lions Club, Minnesota Corn and Soybean Growers Associations, and many local school organizations to name a few.

One area school organization that we follow closely is the Buffalo Lake Hector Stewart (BLHS) FFA program. FFA (Future Farmers of America) educates the younger generation, whether part of a farm family or not, about the importance of farming and the agriculture industry. Our children have been participated in FFA and we’ve seen the benefits first-hand. The future of K & S depends on the ongoing support of agriculture. It is exciting to see our local FFA program thrive.

Thank you to our local community and supporters for all you do for us.

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Grain Drying Equipment, Installation and Repairs

When you’re looking to purchase grain drying equipment, or need repair or service; think of K & S Millwrights. K&S Millwrights, Inc. has been providing grain storage and material handling services and equipment in the “Seven State” Midwest area of: Minnesota, Wisconsin, South Dakota, North Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, and Illinois since 1994.

Zebadee Site Built By K & S Millwrights, Grain Drying EquipmentGrain Drying Equipment

We offer a variety of grain drying equipment. You’ll find NECO dryers, AgriDry systems,  and Sioux Steel grain bins, along with many other brands that you can use for whatever it is you are needing on your site.  Let us know  how we can help you, we have all the right connections for your applications.  We’re happy to provide quality recommendations if you are looking for a product to fill a specific need.

Grain Drying Equipment Installation

Grain bin and grain dryer installation is our specialty. We can do a complete site design and setup or make an addition to your current operation. If there are excavation needs – we have the equipment, so your setup can be complete in an efficient timeframe.

Check out some previous projects.


Grain Drying Equipment Repair

Grain Drying equipment works hard, especially during harvest time. We’re here to help with repairs when needed. We offer a dryer service program and recommend pre-season preventative maintenance to make sure everything is in top condition prior to harvest time. Have K & S check your grain legs, conveyors, air systems, augers and other equipment in spring or summer. On your grain handling equipment, we will check the belts, tension, splices, change the oil in the gear boxes, check and grease the bearings, check the chains, and the oil in the drives.  If there are any major repairs that need to be done, we will communicate this with you for approval before the work is completed.

K & S is available for 24-hour service when emergency repairs are needed. Harvest time is important and busy, we understand you can’t have equipment delays. Contact us now to service your equipment ahead of time so you can eliminate unneeded delays when you don’t have time for them!

Contact K & S at 320-833-2228 to discuss your grain drying equipment and harvest pre-season checkup needs.

Tariffs Impact Grain Prices

You’re probably aware of the grain tariff happening over the last few months. Grain storage is on the top of our mind always, so we follow this related news just as closely. While it is an ever-changing situation we try stay informed.

As we were doing some reading and review of the latest news we thought we’d share some of the information. It is always interesting to see the different perspectives on the tariff and the impact that it has on the grain supply and pricing.

Grain Tariff Articles

Here are a few articles that we came across that you might find interesting about the grain tariff.

USDA Agriculture Bulletingrain tariff soybeans

Iowa Soybean Association Statement

FarmLead – Grain Prices Fall Article

Bloomberg Farm Imports Article

AgFax – Tariff Two-Step Article

We’ll be watching this progress while we prepare for fall harvest.

If you’re looking to expand or upgrade your grain storage facility contact K & S today. We’ll help you get ready for fall harvest.

Happy Fourth of July From K & S

Happy Fourth of July to K & S Millwright’s family, friends and customers!

We hope you get a chance to celebrate and honor the importance of Independence Day. K & S Millwrights will be closed on Wednesday, July 4th to allow all employees to relax and enjoy the day. We’ll be open regular hours again starting on Thursday, July 5th at 8am. 

Fourth of July

As always, if you have an emergency service need call Brad at 320-979-9221. 

Grain Bin Safe Entry Tips

Grain Bin Safe EntryEvery year we hear about tragedies and injuries in grain bins. Grain storage continues to get larger and large bins are used regularly on farms and commercial agriculture businesses. They are a necessary piece of equipment, but safety needs to be top of mind whenever entering a grain bin. Make safe entry a priority.

Some bins can hold billions of bushels of grain. There are moving parts, entrapment and fall possibilities. There are best practices and safety guidelines in place for proper entry of grain bins. Always be cautious and aware of the situation. AgriNews recently shared an informative article featuring five steps to be safe with grain bin entry.

Read this article from AgriNews for 5 Steps for Safe Grain Bin Entry.


Safety Training, Safe EntrySafety First

At K & S Millwrights safety is very important. All our staff are thoroughly trained on appropriate grain storage entry procedures. We also hold annual safety trainings to keep everyone updated on the latest advancements and to keep things fresh in their minds.

Learn about the K & S approach to safety.

Providing Grain Storage for Farms, Agriculture Operations and Businesses

Grain handling, storage and drying equipment is needed on many farms, large agriculture operations and some commercial businesses. K & S Millwrights has worked with various types of locations across the seven state Midwest area of Minnesota, Wisconsin, South Dakota, North Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, and Illinois since 1994.

Grain Handling and Storage Equipment and Services

Offering grain handling and storage, drying equipment, site design services, repair and new constructions for all operation sizes and setups. You’ll find examples of a variety of the projects completed by K & S on our website. We’ll highlight a few to provide a prospective of how we can help create your ideal grain storage and handling operations.

Squeaky Farms

A storm blew down this customer’s grain setup in June and they needed a solution in place by fall. We handled a complete tear down and rebuild, taking care of everything from demo to finishing installation and setup.

Squeaky Farms, agriculture Squeaky Farms, Brian Hamann Squeaky Farms





Terning Seeds

The Terning Seeds seed corn drying plant was a large project that we were able to construct throughout a very rainy season. We remained committed to the project and completed on deadline for the client.

Terning Seeds Terning Seeds Terning Seeds





Zebedee Grain Storage Site

The Zebedee grain storage site location started in a hay field. After extensive dirt work we were able to pour concrete and then complete site setup and equipment installation.

Project Completed Zebadee Site Excavation Zebadee Site Built By K & S Millwrights



Each project is different and provides unique challenges. When you are looking for an addition to your grain handling setup contact K & S Millwrights.

Celebrating 24 Years of K & S Millwrights Success

May 2018 marks 24 years of business for K & S Millwrights!

Time has gone fast and things have changed over the years. We couldn’t be more thankful for our amazing customers and dedicated employees. You are what make K & S Millwrights a success. We love our K & S Millwrights family and can’t wait to see what the next 24 years bring. 

24 Years of K & S Millwrights

Thank You,
Brad & Susan Krumrey

Crane and Boom Truck Service Available

Squeaky Farms, crane service

K & S Crane hard at work

Do you have a project that requires a crane or boom truck? K & S Millwrights has cranes (26, 40 and 90 tons), boom trucks and certified operators that can help with your project.

Cranes and boom trucks help reach inaccessible heights easily and transfer product. When you need to lift items to high places, safety and capability are important. How do you get the items to high areas and do it safely? When building grain systems, we use cranes and boom trucks often. Without them our jobs would be much more difficult or impossible in some cases.

Reasons You May Need Crane Service

  • Construction Projects
  • Moving Equipment
  • Transporting Materials
  • Loading or Unloading
  • Manufacturing Plants
K&S Cranes, crane service

K&S Cranes

At K & S we have five certified crane and boom truck operators along with five staff certified in Rigging and Signaling Safety. All certifications are done by a nationally accredited crane examiner and follow all OSHA required compliance. When you’re looking to hire boom truck/crane service know that K & S provides skilled operators that take safety seriously.

Contact K & S for Crane Service Assistance

Pre-Harvest Dryer Service and Preventative Maintenance

We know you are probably thinking about spring planting, which means it is also a great time to think about dryer servicing and pre-harvest season preventative maintenance on grain legs, conveyors, air systems, augers and other harvest storage equipment. Don’t leave your maintenance until the last minute, schedule your dryer service and preventative maintenance now. These pre-season/preventative maintenance programs will make fall harvest go smoother for everyone.

Dryer Service Program Includes Checking:

  • Augers
  • Bearings
  • Chains
  • Belts
  • Gas Lines
  • Checking/changing oil as needed
  • Cleaning the burner

Grain Handling Equipment Maintenance Includes Checking:

  • Belts
  • Tension
  • Splices
  • Change the oil in the gear boxes
  • Check and grease bearings
  • Check the chains
  • Oil the drives

Any major repairs that are needed will be communicated to you. Your approval will be required before any repairs are completed. We keep two warehouses stocked at K & S with inventory for immediate repair needs, so we can keep your equipment running when you need it.

Employees Attend Dryer School

Two K & S Millwrights Dryer Technicians, Nathan VanderVoort and Ryan Erickson, recently returned from “Dryer School” in Nebraska.  NECO Dryer division offers the training. It was held at Global Industries facility in Grand Island, NE. To help us serve our customers and prepare for the year ahead NECO provided this training to keep technicians up to speed on the latest equipment and answer questions from last season.

Dryer Service Crew

K & S Millwrights Dryer Technicians – Nathan VanderVoort, Brad Krumrey, Ryan Erickson

The training enhances technical skills and is designed to give field technicians the resources they need to effectively handle NECO Dryer maintenance. The latest training focused primarily on COMMANDER, DryerMaster, COMMANDnet, and COMMANDERLite operations, with a refresher session on the standard controls. Nathan and Ryan are ready to get back in the field and complete pre-season equipment checks.

Once your preventative maintenance checks and any applicable repairs are complete you’ll have one less thing to worry about during harvest time. We know summer goes quickly, don’t let fall sneak up on you!

Get on our preventative maintenance schedule now to get your project done before the fall rush! Please call our office at 320-833-2228 or send us a contact request.

Full Service Grain Storage Setup Starting with Excavation

Excavation at Zebadee ProjectWhen a grain bin setup or complete site design is needed, excavation services are normally the first step in the process. For that reason, K & S Millwrights offers excavation services in addition to grain handling, storage and drying equipment setup.

Providing excavation service allows K & S to keep projects moving forward on customer’s timelines, so we have more control and flexibility to meeting deadlines. This was an important factor in a project at the Zebadee Grain Storage location in Estherville, IA.

Zebadee Grain Storage Project

Before the Zebadee Grain Storage location existed, the property was a hay field. To get the ground ready for a grain storage site ground preparation was necessary. We knew the project had to be up and running for fall harvest, so excavation to prepare the site started promptly. Then the equipment was brought in for installation and all the final groundwork was completed after installation.

“We had a very large project that needed to be finished for use in the fall. K & S started early, and I was able to fully utilize the entire facility by fall! We’ve worked with K & S before with excellent results. Brad and the crew are all top-notch people. I wouldn’t have trusted my project to anyone else. There are many other millwrights out there who over promise and under deliver – not K & S! I truly enjoyed the guys on the crew. Excellent job! Thanks!”
-Bruce Zebedee 

Zebadee Project Finishing ExcavationThe Zebadee project included installation of numerous Sioux Bins, a tower, legs, conveyors, bin unloads, dryer and dump pits, but the project started with excavation services that allowed us to start the project on the right track. Attention to detail and timely response is very important when excavation work is done.

K & S Millwrights can also be hired strictly for excavation needs, which is often popular in the spring as the ground thaws and people start tackling projects. Contact K & S if you have an excavation project you need completed.

Learn more about the Zebadee Project.