Celebrating 24 Years of K & S Millwrights Success

May 2018 marks 24 years of business for K & S Millwrights!

Time has gone fast and things have changed over the years. We couldn’t be more thankful for our amazing customers and dedicated employees. You are what make K & S Millwrights a success. We love our K & S Millwrights family and can’t wait to see what the next 24 years bring. 

24 Years of K & S Millwrights

Thank You,
Brad & Susan Krumrey

Crane and Boom Truck Service Available

Squeaky Farms, crane service

K & S Crane hard at work

Do you have a project that requires a crane or boom truck? K & S Millwrights has cranes (26, 40 and 90 tons), boom trucks and certified operators that can help with your project.

Cranes and boom trucks help reach inaccessible heights easily and transfer product. When you need to lift items to high places, safety and capability are important. How do you get the items to high areas and do it safely? When building grain systems, we use cranes and boom trucks often. Without them our jobs would be much more difficult or impossible in some cases.

Reasons You May Need Crane Service

  • Construction Projects
  • Moving Equipment
  • Transporting Materials
  • Loading or Unloading
  • Manufacturing Plants
K&S Cranes, crane service

K&S Cranes

At K & S we have five certified crane and boom truck operators along with five staff certified in Rigging and Signaling Safety. All certifications are done by a nationally accredited crane examiner and follow all OSHA required compliance. When you’re looking to hire boom truck/crane service know that K & S provides skilled operators that take safety seriously.

Contact K & S for Crane Service Assistance

Pre-Harvest Dryer Service and Preventative Maintenance

We know you are probably thinking about spring planting, which means it is also a great time to think about dryer servicing and pre-harvest season preventative maintenance on grain legs, conveyors, air systems, augers and other harvest storage equipment. Don’t leave your maintenance until the last minute, schedule your dryer service and preventative maintenance now. These pre-season/preventative maintenance programs will make fall harvest go smoother for everyone.

Dryer Service Program Includes Checking:

  • Augers
  • Bearings
  • Chains
  • Belts
  • Gas Lines
  • Checking/changing oil as needed
  • Cleaning the burner

Grain Handling Equipment Maintenance Includes Checking:

  • Belts
  • Tension
  • Splices
  • Change the oil in the gear boxes
  • Check and grease bearings
  • Check the chains
  • Oil the drives

Any major repairs that are needed will be communicated to you. Your approval will be required before any repairs are completed. We keep two warehouses stocked at K & S with inventory for immediate repair needs, so we can keep your equipment running when you need it.

Employees Attend Dryer School

Two K & S Millwrights Dryer Technicians, Nathan VanderVoort and Ryan Erickson, recently returned from “Dryer School” in Nebraska.  NECO Dryer division offers the training. It was held at Global Industries facility in Grand Island, NE. To help us serve our customers and prepare for the year ahead NECO provided this training to keep technicians up to speed on the latest equipment and answer questions from last season.

Dryer Service Crew

K & S Millwrights Dryer Technicians – Nathan VanderVoort, Brad Krumrey, Ryan Erickson

The training enhances technical skills and is designed to give field technicians the resources they need to effectively handle NECO Dryer maintenance. The latest training focused primarily on COMMANDER, DryerMaster, COMMANDnet, and COMMANDERLite operations, with a refresher session on the standard controls. Nathan and Ryan are ready to get back in the field and complete pre-season equipment checks.

Once your preventative maintenance checks and any applicable repairs are complete you’ll have one less thing to worry about during harvest time. We know summer goes quickly, don’t let fall sneak up on you!

Get on our preventative maintenance schedule now to get your project done before the fall rush! Please call our office at 320-833-2228 or send us a contact request.

Full Service Grain Storage Setup Starting with Excavation

Excavation at Zebadee ProjectWhen a grain bin setup or complete site design is needed, excavation services are normally the first step in the process. For that reason, K & S Millwrights offers excavation services in addition to grain handling, storage and drying equipment setup.

Providing excavation service allows K & S to keep projects moving forward on customer’s timelines, so we have more control and flexibility to meeting deadlines. This was an important factor in a project at the Zebadee Grain Storage location in Estherville, IA.

Zebadee Grain Storage Project

Before the Zebadee Grain Storage location existed, the property was a hay field. To get the ground ready for a grain storage site ground preparation was necessary. We knew the project had to be up and running for fall harvest, so excavation to prepare the site started promptly. Then the equipment was brought in for installation and all the final groundwork was completed after installation.

“We had a very large project that needed to be finished for use in the fall. K & S started early, and I was able to fully utilize the entire facility by fall! We’ve worked with K & S before with excellent results. Brad and the crew are all top-notch people. I wouldn’t have trusted my project to anyone else. There are many other millwrights out there who over promise and under deliver – not K & S! I truly enjoyed the guys on the crew. Excellent job! Thanks!”
-Bruce Zebedee 

Zebadee Project Finishing ExcavationThe Zebadee project included installation of numerous Sioux Bins, a tower, legs, conveyors, bin unloads, dryer and dump pits, but the project started with excavation services that allowed us to start the project on the right track. Attention to detail and timely response is very important when excavation work is done.

K & S Millwrights can also be hired strictly for excavation needs, which is often popular in the spring as the ground thaws and people start tackling projects. Contact K & S if you have an excavation project you need completed.

Learn more about the Zebadee Project.

Sioux Steel Celebrates 100th Anniversary

2018 marks 100 years in business for Sioux Steel, one of the product lines that we offer at K & S Millwrights. To share their appreciation with their top contributing dealers, Sioux Steel awarded a trip to Maui! K & S had the exciting opportunity to be a part of this experience.

K & S Millwright Employees Attend Sioux Steel Celebration 

In January, owners Brad and Susan Krumrey and son Mitchell, along with employees Ahron Krumrey, Jenn Suess and son Brennen were able to travel to Maui, Hawaii for a week-long excursion. Most of the trip was a fun, relaxing thank you from Sioux Steel. We are always able to network and learn some new things as well.

Sioux Steel MauiWhile in Maui they were able to go on an educational whale watching tour with the Pacific Whale Foundation. They were able to spend time on the beach, enjoyed a luau, snorkeled, even watched some football and were served delicious food and drinks. Sioux Steel also organized a welcome reception and awards banquet. The days were full, and the time went fast.

The trip provided an opportunity get away and relax for the employees that were able to attend. Now we are refreshed and ready for spring projects to get started! Are you looking at adding a new Sioux Steel grain bin to your operation?

Contact K & S Millwrights today to get your project started!

Company-Wide Annual Safety Training

Each year K & S Millwrights conducts an annual safety training day. The 2018 Safety Day was Friday, February 23. While we meet every month for a tool box talk, which is often about safety measures, our annual safety day is a valuable opportunity to get all K & S employees together to focus on safety, offering reminders and learning opportunities.

2018 Safety Day

At the 2018 safety day we had a presenter join us from our insurance company, and Mary Beth Schaufler from Total Compliance Solutions-Waconia Manufacturing also joined the training day. Brad, Susan and Jon from K & S provided the rest of the training for staff.

Sampling of Safety Topics Covered

  • Employee Right to Know/Hazard Communication Standard
  • First Reports of Injury
  • Accident/Injury Investigation Analysis Forms
  • Near Misses – Job Hazard Analysis
  • 2018 AWAIR Program
  • Review of 2017 OSHA 300 log
  • Ladder Safety
  • Fall Protection
  • Forklift Safety
  • Lock Out/Tag Out
  • Confined Space
  • Hot Works
  • Equipment Service Request Forms
  • Driver’s Health Tips
  • DOT Part 40 Summary of Changes
  • Adjustment of Conveyor Chains
  • Two-way installation and cabling

In addition to classroom training we also do practical testing on forklifts and we take time for DOT Health Card Physical Appointments. Plus, there are a few specialized trainings that we do throughout the year including CPR/First Aid/AED and Flatbed Cargo Securement and Pulling with a Pickup.

Annual Safety TrainingWhile the annual training day is for all employees we also have Certified Crane Operators and Certified Signaling and Rigging men. An outside company is hired for the classroom and practical testing at a different time for these applications that can provide national certification for safety compliance.

Safety is extremely important to K & S Millwrights. The safety of our employees and customers is a top priority. We keep it top of mind with ongoing training and high expectations. There are always challenges that we need to work through at job sites and everyone needs to make smart decisions and use proper precautions.

When you’re looking for grain bin installation, excavation or one of the main other services we offer contact us. Be assured safety is top priority.

Contact K & S today! 


K & S Annual Celebration and Awards

Each year K & S Millwrights plans an employee party to celebrate the previous year’s accomplishments. After working long, busy days through the fall harvest, it is nice to relax and have a fun night out!

K & S Celebration

The celebration this year was held in the beginning of February at Treasure Island Resort & Casino. All employees are invited to attend the event with their families, so a venue that is appealing to adults as well as children is important. The casino, the lagoon waterpark, a bowling alley, and arcade were perfect for all ages. Social hour, a delicious meal, and fun games and activities made for a great company-wide, family gathering.

Employee Awards

Each year at our annual event a few employees receive awards to acknowledge special accomplishments. The award-winners are determined by employee vote.

  • Most Improved Employee = Dustin Kindt
  • Cleanest Truck & Trailer = Ahron Krumrey & Crew
  • Most Organized Employee = Martin Holter
  • Most Organized Foreman = Ahron Krumrey

A little more about the award winners! Dustin Kindt started with K & S in June 2017. He has a great work ethic and takes initiative to learn and ask questions.

“He truly is an asset to our company; he is always on time, works hard, and goes the extra mile when needed. We are extremely happy to have him as part of our work family!“ – Susan Krumrey

The cleanest truck and trailer is a contest between a couple of the K & S crews every year! The award is presented to the foreman, but is really a crew effort. Congratulations Ahron and crew! Martin earned most organized employee. He’s worked with us at K & S for 10 years and is always willing to step in and get things done. Most organized foreman was awarded to Ahron again this year. He has received this award for several years and we are very proud of his abilities within the company. Ahron takes great pride in his work and putting the new construction project together.

Dedicated Years of Service Awards

Each year we also honor employees reaching 5-year milestone marks at K & S, and they receive a plaque thanking them for their years of work with our company.

5-Years of Service

  • Curt Wieweck

10-Years of Service

  • Martin Holter
  • Pat Fischer

2017 was a great year. This annual celebration provides an opportunity to reflect on the year and our amazing employees that we are so grateful to work with. We have a great crew of dedicated individuals and we couldn’t be more thankful!

Would you like to see the K & S crew in action? Contact K & S today and we’ll help you get your grain handling project started!

Winter Discounts Expiring Soon!

Now is your last chance to take advantage of winter discounts and get your grain handling and drying equipment at a discounted rate! Winter discounts expire at the end of February.

Winter Discounts ExpiringHave you considered updates to your drying equipment or adding a new grain bin? Contact K & S today and we’ll help you find the best product for your needs at the best price. Bins, dryers, legs and conveyors are your biggest discount opportunities. When we know what you’re looking for we can reach out to equipment distributors and schedule the project. Let’s work together and get your updates made before spring planting season starts!

Contact K & S Millwright’s Today

Contact Brad and the K & S by the end of February to get the most for your money with winter discounts! Give us a call, email your request, or stop in the office to discuss your ideas.

Office: 320-833-2228
Brad’s Cell: 320-979-9221

Contact K & S today for winter discounts!


10 Convenience Supplies You’ll Find at the K & S Hardware Store

The K & S Millwrights hardware store is available as a convenience to our customers and local community residents. Sometimes you’re in the middle of a project and need something quick. We’re here for you!

10 Convenience Products at K & S

  1. Sending a UPS package – we are a pickup location
  2. Electrical components – an outlet stops working or you’re in the middle of a wiring project and need more wire – we’ve got you covered.
  3. Oil – changing oil in your truck and you’re short a quart – stop in.
  4. Carpet Cleaner – spill something on your carpet. Rent a RugDoctor at K & S.
  5. Propane Tanks & Charcoal – grilling burgers and you run out of charcoal or propane – no worries.
  6. Paint – need to do some paint touch-ups – we carry Valspar Paint and Cabot Stain and we offer color matching!
  7. Plumbing products – if you are having a plumbing issue we know it may be an emergency repair – we’ve got you covered.
  8. Batteries – when your car won’t start it may be difficult to drive to another town to purchase a new battery – stop in.
  9. Hunting & fishing supplies – you’re heading out for a few hours and need a new fishing hook – check our selection.
  10. Tools, bolts, screws, nails – you’re in the middle of fixing something and a tool breaks or you don’t have the proper bolt, screw or nail – we have a variety of options for you. 

Stop at the K & S Hardware Store and we’ll help you!

Hardware Store Hours:

Monday – Friday: 8am – 5:30pm
Saturday: 8am – noon

We’ll see you soon! Contact us if you have any questions.


Find K&S at Multiple 2018 Industry Trade Shows

The first 2018 trade show for K&S Millwrights is right around the corner. On January 14-15 you’ll find K&S in Fargo, ND at the North Dakota Grain Dealers Association show. Shows are a great time to see the newest Tradeshowproducts and to take the time to talk with us about your business and ours. In a relaxed setting, get ideas and see what we have to offer you for products, services, and solutions for your individual set ups. If you’re looking at making a change to your grain storage system you might enjoy visiting us at one of these shows.

We have five different shows planned for the year across Minnesota, and our first show is in North Dakota.

Visit K&S at one of the 2018 farm industry shows:

You’ll find more information on our trade show page. Check it out for details!

Add these shows to your calendar and visit the K & S Millwrights booth. We’d be happy to see you! If you can’t make it to a show but have questions, send us a message at info@ksmillwrights.com or give us a call at 320-833-2228.