Tariffs Impact Grain Prices

You’re probably aware of the grain tariff happening over the last few months. Grain storage is on the top of our mind always, so we follow this related news just as closely. While it is an ever-changing situation we try stay informed.

As we were doing some reading and review of the latest news we thought we’d share some of the information. It is always interesting to see the different perspectives on the tariff and the impact that it has on the grain supply and pricing.

Grain Tariff Articles

Here are a few articles that we came across that you might find interesting about the grain tariff.

USDA Agriculture Bulletingrain tariff soybeans

Iowa Soybean Association Statement

FarmLead – Grain Prices Fall Article

Bloomberg Farm Imports Article

AgFax – Tariff Two-Step Article

We’ll be watching this progress while we prepare for fall harvest.

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Grain Storage: Peace of Mind While You Wait

Grain Storage solutions Peace of mind while you waitNews of falling grain prices and reports of record harvest amounts are surfacing, like the recent article in The Wall Street Journal on September 7, 2014, “Corn Price Falls as Crop Flourishes”  and the Kare 11 News story “Rain Boosts Minnesota Corn Crop Forecast” published on September 11, 2014.

Reports of bumper crops across Minnesota and the Midwest this year can be a mixed blessing. While farmers continually strive to increase yield, it can adversely affect grain prices like what seems to be happening this fall. With current prices of grain lower than desired, many producers will take a chance on higher prices later by storing the grain now. If that’s the case, it’s important to make sure ample, quality storage is available. Additional grain storage allows you to market the grain when you want. More grain storage also means you keep your operation running efficiently, instead of sitting in long lines at local co-ops waiting to dump in the busy season!

K & S Millwrights is ready to help provide the grain storage and drying solutions your 2014-2015 plans will require. We are the leader in small to large grain handling needs. Before harvest season arrives, let us know  if your needs have changed. You can take a gamble on grain prices, but you don’t need to do the same with your ability to accommodate your changing business plans.