Who We Are

Our Family

Our Family: Sons, Mitchell and Ahron, Brad and Susan Krumrey, Daughter Kayla and her family, Blake and Paislie, and Daughter Kaitlyn. Not pictured: Daughter Kori and her family.

Left to Right: Sons Mitchell and Ahron, Brad and Susan Krumrey, daughter Kayla and her family Paislie and Blake, and daughter Kaitlyn. Not pictured: Daughter Kori and her family.

Ahron has worked with the company since high school and is now a salesman and foreman, managing new construction projects. Mitchell is in 8th grade and helps with assembly and projects in the shop when needed. Kaitlyn is a High School Senior this year and will be attending Winona State in the fall for Nursing. Kayla is now attending Ridgewater Tech, Hutchinson for Nursing. Her and Kaitlyn help out in the office on a part time basis when needed. The company was founded the year Kayla was born, they have all grown up with K & S Millwrights in their lives; it is a great feeling to have them all so involved.

The Crew

Our Company Crew

October 2014: Management, office personnel, salesmen, site design, excavation operators, dryer technicians, eight crews specializing in new construction, repair and maintenance.


Dryer and Excavation Crew

Left: Dryer Technicians – Tom Seitz, Brad Krumrey, and Scott Reuber
Right: Excavation Crew – Curt Wieweck and Scott Krippner