Grain Drying Equipment, Installation and Repairs

When you’re looking to purchase grain drying equipment, or need repair or service; think of K & S Millwrights. K&S Millwrights, Inc. has been providing grain storage and material handling services and equipment in the “Seven State” Midwest area of: Minnesota, Wisconsin, South Dakota, North Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, and Illinois since 1994.

Zebadee Site Built By K & S Millwrights, Grain Drying EquipmentGrain Drying Equipment

We offer a variety of grain drying equipment. You’ll find NECO dryers, AgriDry systems,  and Sioux Steel grain bins, along with many other brands that you can use for whatever it is you are needing on your site.  Let us know  how we can help you, we have all the right connections for your applications.  We’re happy to provide quality recommendations if you are looking for a product to fill a specific need.

Grain Drying Equipment Installation

Grain bin and grain dryer installation is our specialty. We can do a complete site design and setup or make an addition to your current operation. If there are excavation needs – we have the equipment, so your setup can be complete in an efficient timeframe.

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Grain Drying Equipment Repair

Grain Drying equipment works hard, especially during harvest time. We’re here to help with repairs when needed. We offer a dryer service program and recommend pre-season preventative maintenance to make sure everything is in top condition prior to harvest time. Have K & S check your grain legs, conveyors, air systems, augers and other equipment in spring or summer. On your grain handling equipment, we will check the belts, tension, splices, change the oil in the gear boxes, check and grease the bearings, check the chains, and the oil in the drives.  If there are any major repairs that need to be done, we will communicate this with you for approval before the work is completed.

K & S is available for 24-hour service when emergency repairs are needed. Harvest time is important and busy, we understand you can’t have equipment delays. Contact us now to service your equipment ahead of time so you can eliminate unneeded delays when you don’t have time for them!

Contact K & S at 320-833-2228 to discuss your grain drying equipment and harvest pre-season checkup needs.

Repair Services Available to Support Fall Harvest

Grain Storage RepairThe arrival of September means that fall harvest is right around the corner. At K & S we hope for a successful harvest for all. Long hours and hard work means there may be equipment breakdowns that require repairs. K & S can help with grain storage and handling repairs.

When crops and field conditions are ready, you need to get the work done. If something breaks it needs to be repaired as soon as possible. K & S Millwrights offers 24-hour repair service for that exact reason. We also maintain a full inventory of parts to replace broken components quickly.

There are many grain storage and handling structures and equipment that we can help repair.

Repair Examples

  • Repair or replace leg and conveyor belts
  • Auger repair
  • Drag conveyor repairs
  • Bin repairs
  • Portable welding
  • Structural repairs
  • Grain dryer repairs
  • Gear box repair and replacement
  • Bearing replacement
  • Air transfer system repairs
  • Part supplier, new & used


Ask For Help

Are you repairing something yourself, but need a part or supplies. Don’t forget about our onsite hardware store. Save yourself time and gas money. Stop in and pick up the items you need. Kent keeps the store well-stocked.

Did summer go faster than expected, and you have a few preventative maintenance projects you were hoping to accomplish prior to harvest time? Call K &S, we’ll try to work you in before the busy time hits.

Keep the K & S phone number, 320-833-2228, handy just in case you need help with a repair. We’re here to help!

Fall Harvest Is Near – We Are Here for Your Repairs!

combining cornFall harvest is approaching! With that comes hard work and long hours for farmers, cooperatives, elevators and equipment. K&S Millwrights understands when it is harvest time your equipment needs to function at full capacity. Harvesting your crops in a timely manner in proper weather conditions is critical to maximizing your yield.

You’ve been preparing for this harvest all year long. Preventative maintenance is done, but breakdowns happen and they need to get fixed fast. Whether a drive belt wears out, an auger needs welding or drying equipment malfunctions we understand those unplanned events delay your harvest. K&S Millwrights offers 24-hour service for this reason. If you are dealing with anything related to grain handling, storage and drying we can help quickly.

Repair Expertise:
  • Grain bins
  • Grain legs
  • Unload system parts
  • Air transfer system repairs
  • Grain dryer repairs
  • Portable welding
  • Parts supplier, new & used
  • Onsite hardware store

K&S Millwrights has experienced crews, a large inventory of parts and a fleet of trailers available for 24-hour breakdown emergency’s, repair work and scheduled preventative maintenance shutdowns. It never fails that a breakdown happens with rain in the forecast. Your profits and business are in the field. The harvest can’t be delayed. K&S Millwrights is here to help ensure your fall harvest is a success.

Call 320-833-2228 when you need assistance from K&S!