Fall Corn and Soybean Harvest Challenges and Success in Minnesota

The 2017 corn and soybean harvest in Minnesota is progressing with some farmers having better luck than others. Harvest is in full-swing, with farmers doing what they can around the weather.

Fall Corn HarvestMany areas of Minnesota are dealing with wet ground conditions which makes the harvest a bit of a challenge. Getting the large equipment in and out of the fields without getting stuck takes creativity in some areas. The growing season was cooperative in most parts of the state. Harvest time delivered large amounts of rain and more recently snow, ice and excessive wind.

Harvest Results

When the weather cooperates and allows corn and soybean harvesting to happen the results are decent, which many farmers are thankful for. While some farmers could get a good start on soybeans early on, many areas of Minnesota and the Midwest have been impacted by the uncooperative weather. This makes the overall harvest go slower than expected.

Keep plugging on farmers! This time of year always seems to be full of surprises. And remember, if you need any parts or service on your grain and/or drying equipment, K & S Millwrights offers 24-hour service. Harvest time is very important to the success of your operation. We’re praying for pleasant weather, and a safe harvest season for all!

No matter what time of day, we are glad to be of service to you!

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Repair Services Available to Support Fall Harvest

Grain Storage RepairThe arrival of September means that fall harvest is right around the corner. At K & S we hope for a successful harvest for all. Long hours and hard work means there may be equipment breakdowns that require repairs. K & S can help with grain storage and handling repairs.

When crops and field conditions are ready, you need to get the work done. If something breaks it needs to be repaired as soon as possible. K & S Millwrights offers 24-hour repair service for that exact reason. We also maintain a full inventory of parts to replace broken components quickly.

There are many grain storage and handling structures and equipment that we can help repair.

Repair Examples

  • Repair or replace leg and conveyor belts
  • Auger repair
  • Drag conveyor repairs
  • Bin repairs
  • Portable welding
  • Structural repairs
  • Grain dryer repairs
  • Gear box repair and replacement
  • Bearing replacement
  • Air transfer system repairs
  • Part supplier, new & used


Ask For Help

Are you repairing something yourself, but need a part or supplies. Don’t forget about our onsite hardware store. Save yourself time and gas money. Stop in and pick up the items you need. Kent keeps the store well-stocked.

Did summer go faster than expected, and you have a few preventative maintenance projects you were hoping to accomplish prior to harvest time? Call K &S, we’ll try to work you in before the busy time hits.

Keep the K & S phone number, 320-833-2228, handy just in case you need help with a repair. We’re here to help!

Summer Prep for Fall Harvest

Fall Harvest PreparationThe seeds are in the ground and summer is in full swing – that means fall harvest will be here before you know it! Now is your chance to check your grain handling and dryer systems to make sure it is ready to go when you are.

Equipment Updates and Repairs

Are there repairs you’ve been waiting to make? Was your grain dryer acting up last fall? Need your grain leg serviced or oil changed in your gearboxes? Call K & S for your pre-harvest check-up and we’ll take care of your pre-harvest maintenance for you. Doing this ahead of time gives you the assurance that you have tried to eliminate down time when you don’t want it! We offer many services for grain handling facility!

There are still a few months until fall arrives. Do you have enough bin space for your harvested grain? Don’t wait until the last minute. We can still get this done for you!

Steel Building Construction

Steel building construction is also popular right now. Have you been thinking about adding more building storage area to your operation? K & S can also provide you with a Sentinel and Plainsman steel construction building. It’s another piece of our great relationship with Global Industries, being able to work with you in all areas of your operation. It is always exciting to be able to offer more to our customers, to help them improve their operations!

Think about your fall harvest, it will be here before you know it! What can you do now to make it more effective and efficient in a few months?

Let K & S know how we can help!

Planning for Your Future Harvest Needs

Sioux Steel Bins

Sioux Steel Bins

As the harvest is wrapping up for the year, any struggles you faced over the past year are fresh in your memory. Now is an opportune time to think about what you’d like to improve for next year. Is your operation setup to run as smoothly as you need it to?

Time to Take Action

NECO Dryers

NECO Dryers

Now is a great time to schedule equipment updates and additions. K&S Winter Discounts are now available to help you make the improvements you need regarding your grain handling and drying equipment. Whether you need to add another bin, upgrade your dryer or change out another piece of equipment now is the perfect time to start that process. Winter discounts are available right now, which means huge savings for you!  Let K&S Millwrights help take some of your stress out of next harvest and save you money in the process!

Lambton Legs & Conveyors

Lambton Legs & Conveyors

Winter Discounts

Discount percentages decline over the winter months and expire the end of February.  Get the most for your dollar by ordering early!  This also puts you on the top of the list for projects on the spring schedule.  To optimize your operation the way you want it to run, call K & S Millwrights today for your free quote and to take advantage of these money saving opportunities now!

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Rainfall Creates Harvest Challenges

Over summer many areas of Minnesota received high amounts of rainfall and that continued into the fall harvest season. Some farmers are having a hard time getting combines into fields to harvest. Others are concerned about crop drying needs this may cause.

Wet cornfield harvestSmall grain harvesting was impacted earlier this year in some areas as the Star Tribune reported. Excessive rainfall continued through September which can be seen in this MPR news story. This all starts to work against farmers as they labor to get crops harvested before the seasons change and snow falls. While there should still be time to complete harvest we never know with Minnesota weather.

K & S Millwrights’ trained staff offers 24-hour service on all your drying equipment.  No matter when you need help, support or parts, our number one goal is to get you through harvest with little down time.  We know that is important to you, and you are important to us!  We hope and pray for beautiful harvest weather for everyone.