Fall Corn and Soybean Harvest Challenges and Success in Minnesota

The 2017 corn and soybean harvest in Minnesota is progressing with some farmers having better luck than others. Harvest is in full-swing, with farmers doing what they can around the weather.

Fall Corn HarvestMany areas of Minnesota are dealing with wet ground conditions which makes the harvest a bit of a challenge. Getting the large equipment in and out of the fields without getting stuck takes creativity in some areas. The growing season was cooperative in most parts of the state. Harvest time delivered large amounts of rain and more recently snow, ice and excessive wind.

Harvest Results

When the weather cooperates and allows corn and soybean harvesting to happen the results are decent, which many farmers are thankful for. While some farmers could get a good start on soybeans early on, many areas of Minnesota and the Midwest have been impacted by the uncooperative weather. This makes the overall harvest go slower than expected.

Keep plugging on farmers! This time of year always seems to be full of surprises. And remember, if you need any parts or service on your grain and/or drying equipment, K & S Millwrights offers 24-hour service. Harvest time is very important to the success of your operation. We’re praying for pleasant weather, and a safe harvest season for all!

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