Winter Discounts Expiring Soon!

Now is your last chance to take advantage of winter discounts and get your grain handling and drying equipment at a discounted rate! Winter discounts expire at the end of February.

Winter Discounts ExpiringHave you considered updates to your drying equipment or adding a new grain bin? Contact K & S today and we’ll help you find the best product for your needs at the best price. Bins, dryers, legs and conveyors are your biggest discount opportunities. When we know what you’re looking for we can reach out to equipment distributors and schedule the project. Let’s work together and get your updates made before spring planting season starts!

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Contact Brad and the K & S by the end of February to get the most for your money with winter discounts! Give us a call, email your request, or stop in the office to discuss your ideas.

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Harvest Ends – Winter Discounts Begin – It’s That Quick!

As the fall harvest wraps up, we are thankful for the bountiful harvest and patronage of our valued customers. With the harvest fresh in our minds, we quickly look ahead to the future. Winter Discounts are in place now to help you make the improvements you need to your grain handling and drying equipment, at a discounted rate.

Improvement Opportunities

Winter Discounts 2017 - 2018What do you wish worked more smoothly this past fall? Were your trucks waiting, did you pile corn on the ground, do you need another bin? Are you sick of cleaning your screens, want to upgrade or add a dryer? Or maybe your legs and conveyors couldn’t keep up with your capacity. K & S Millwrights can help!

Financially, now is the best time to implement these changes! Save big money and get on the top of our spring project list. Discounts are at their highest point now and they decline every month over the winter. Sioux Steel Bins, NECO Dryers, and Legs and Conveyors are common winter discount products. We work with the manufacturers to offer you the best product at the most effective price for your operation.

Act Now!

Contact K & S today for a free quote. Let us know what you need, and we’ll find a solution! Get your ideal operation setup while taking the most offered through the winter discount programs on grain handling and drying equipment.

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Winter Discounts Expire This Month

Winter Discounts ExpireK&S Winter Discounts end February 28th. Now is your chance to complete updates and additions. Plus, you’ll save some money! Make improvements to your grain handling and drying equipment before the hustle and bustle of spring planting starts.

Have you contemplated adding another bin or upgrading your dryer? Bins, dryers, legs and conveyors are your biggest discount opportunities. Not sure you are ready for this step? Contact K&S today and we’ll help walk you through the opportunities. Some of the equipment distributors that we work with occasionally extend the discounts they offer. If we know you’re interested, we can work with you to get the best opportunity!

Schedule Today!

Are you looking to implement new equipment later this year or just have something that “needs to get done”? Contact us now to get on our schedule. We will give you the best service possible, within a time frame that works for you.

Contact Brad and the team by the end of February to ensure you save with Winter Discounts!

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Planning for Your Future Harvest Needs

Sioux Steel Bins

Sioux Steel Bins

As the harvest is wrapping up for the year, any struggles you faced over the past year are fresh in your memory. Now is an opportune time to think about what you’d like to improve for next year. Is your operation setup to run as smoothly as you need it to?

Time to Take Action

NECO Dryers

NECO Dryers

Now is a great time to schedule equipment updates and additions. K&S Winter Discounts are now available to help you make the improvements you need regarding your grain handling and drying equipment. Whether you need to add another bin, upgrade your dryer or change out another piece of equipment now is the perfect time to start that process. Winter discounts are available right now, which means huge savings for you!  Let K&S Millwrights help take some of your stress out of next harvest and save you money in the process!

Lambton Legs & Conveyors

Lambton Legs & Conveyors

Winter Discounts

Discount percentages decline over the winter months and expire the end of February.  Get the most for your dollar by ordering early!  This also puts you on the top of the list for projects on the spring schedule.  To optimize your operation the way you want it to run, call K & S Millwrights today for your free quote and to take advantage of these money saving opportunities now!

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Winter Discounts Start in November 2014

winter discounts grain handling equipmentWinter is here early this year! The weather outside is cold, but the HOT Winter Discounts are a welcome arrival! K&S Millwrights is excited to announce our 2014-15 Winter Discounts are underway and many of our customers are quickly taking advantage of these savings. No matter how large or small your project, you can save too.

How Do Winter Discounts Work?

All your grain handling equipment has discounted pricing starting now (in November) and going through February 2015. Buying the biggest part of your project at a great discounted price means maximum savings on your overall project!

  • Discounts start in November 2014
  • Discounts end in February 2015
  • No minimum or maximum spend
  • The percentage (discount) we get as a dealer from the manufacturer gets passed along DIRECTLY to you, our customers.
  • November purchases receive the most discounts/savings.
  • The earlier you buy, means more savings as discounts can, and often do, reduce each consecutive month until discounts end in February.
  • Sioux Steel grain bins and NECO dryers are offering great discounts right now.
  • Giving us a call now not only means big savings on your project, but it also puts you at the top of our service list in March 2015!

November Winter Discounts

Discounts are subject to change. Check back for updates. Current discounts are as follows:

NECO Dryers 12% off

Sioux Steel Bins 36% off (Early shipment required. Take delivery by March 31, 2015)

Lambton Legs and Conveyors 10% off (Early shipment required. Take delivery by March 31, 2015)