Winter Discounts Start in November 2014

winter discounts grain handling equipmentWinter is here early this year! The weather outside is cold, but the HOT Winter Discounts are a welcome arrival! K&S Millwrights is excited to announce our 2014-15 Winter Discounts are underway and many of our customers are quickly taking advantage of these savings. No matter how large or small your project, you can save too.

How Do Winter Discounts Work?

All your grain handling equipment has discounted pricing starting now (in November) and going through February 2015. Buying the biggest part of your project at a great discounted price means maximum savings on your overall project!

  • Discounts start in November 2014
  • Discounts end in February 2015
  • No minimum or maximum spend
  • The percentage (discount) we get as a dealer from the manufacturer gets passed along DIRECTLY to you, our customers.
  • November purchases receive the most discounts/savings.
  • The earlier you buy, means more savings as discounts can, and often do, reduce each consecutive month until discounts end in February.
  • Sioux Steel grain bins and NECO dryers are offering great discounts right now.
  • Giving us a call now not only means big savings on your project, but it also puts you at the top of our service list in March 2015!

November Winter Discounts

Discounts are subject to change. Check back for updates. Current discounts are as follows:

NECO Dryers 12% off

Sioux Steel Bins 36% off (Early shipment required. Take delivery by March 31, 2015)

Lambton Legs and Conveyors 10% off (Early shipment required. Take delivery by March 31, 2015)