Crane and Boom Truck Service Available

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K & S Crane hard at work

Do you have a project that requires a crane or boom truck? K & S Millwrights has cranes (26, 40 and 90 tons), boom trucks and certified operators that can help with your project.

Cranes and boom trucks help reach inaccessible heights easily and transfer product. When you need to lift items to high places, safety and capability are important. How do you get the items to high areas and do it safely? When building grain systems, we use cranes and boom trucks often. Without them our jobs would be much more difficult or impossible in some cases.

Reasons You May Need Crane Service

  • Construction Projects
  • Moving Equipment
  • Transporting Materials
  • Loading or Unloading
  • Manufacturing Plants
K&S Cranes, crane service

K&S Cranes

At K & S we have five certified crane and boom truck operators along with five staff certified in Rigging and Signaling Safety. All certifications are done by a nationally accredited crane examiner and follow all OSHA required compliance. When you’re looking to hire boom truck/crane service know that K & S provides skilled operators that take safety seriously.

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