AGI Purchases Global Industries

If you follow the grain handling industry you may have heard about a change in ownership of Global Industries, Inc (Global).  In April AGI, Ag Growth International, purchased Global. Global owned brands such as MFS, York, Stormor, Brownie, GTS, Hutchinson, Mayrath, NECO and Sentinel Buildings.

AGI sells product internationally and acquired Global to expand its footprint and customer base in the US, along with key international markets.  AGI continually strives to be the global market leader in grain handling, conditioning and storage equipment.

Impact on K & S Millwrights

AGI and Global have a similar focus on customers and dealers, and they continue offer the highest quality products and service possible.  K & S Millwrights is a dealer of the Global/AGI products and we’ll continue to offer those products without any major changes.  The only change you may notice is the logo associated with the brands and products are being revised to match the AGI family of brands.

AGI Acquired Global Industries Brands

When you’re looking for grain handling and storage solutions K & S Millwrights is here to help.  We have access to many brands and solutions to help you find the right product for your situation.

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