AgriDry Grain Spreaders and Controllers

agridry options at K&S MillwrightsK&S Millwrights offers AgriDry grain spreaders and controllers to help control grain quality and heighten safety.

At our recent all-staff annual training, Sales and Installation Representatives of AgriDry, LLC were in attendance to review the equipment and properly train our staff on the installation and use of equipment to increase safety and best help our customers.

Pictured below are Howie Rossell and Martin Tubby, Sales Representative and Ross Behl, Sales/Installer for the MN/WI area from their corporate offices in Ohio.

AgriDry LLC showing proper installation.

AgriDry LLC showing proper installation.

Safety Training at K & S Millwrights

AgriDry LLC showing proper installation.

“Uniform Airflow with Fines Evenly Distributed!”

Some of the common problems with grain storage addressed with AgriDry include:
  • over dried grain
  • uneven airflow
  • spoilage
  • high electrical costs
  • difficulty unloading
  • and many more

If you’re looking for a Zero Entry solution that will more equally distribute fines, improve air flow, and accommodate varying fill rates, talk to us today about AgriDry and how we can help!