Grain Storage Guidelines & Tips

Grain Storage FacilityAs fall harvest time starts it is a good time to think about proper grain storage practices. Whether you are harvesting and feeding the crop to cattle or storing for sale later, maintaining quality conditions within your grain storage is imperative.

Tips for Proper Grain Storage

  • Preventative preparation and inspections – Prior to harvest time it is important to inspect your grain storage facilities and equipment. Clean out bins including around and under floor areas, watching for insect infestation areas. Repair any damage as necessary.
  • Maintain proper moisture levels – Each crop type has different ideal storage moisture levels. Check this guide for recommendations.
  • Consistent monitoring – Check your grain storage regularly to ensure proper storage conditions are maintained. Environments conditions, moisture levels, insects, and equipment functionality can all impact the result or your stored crop.
  • Aerated, weather-proof structure – Make sure the bin or storage facility you’re using protects from outdoor elements and provides aeration to keep it dry and reduce spoilage.
  • Temperature control – Aeration and monitoring will help maintain proper grain temperature. Pay attention to the temperature as seasons change, especially when temperatures increase dramatically.

Following these basic tips will help ensure your harvest stays in good condition until you need to use or sell it. Regular monitoring will allow you to adjust the storage conditions if necessary. Each location and crop is different, so always use your best judgement. You know your storage conditions better than anyone else.

Contact K & S if need help setting up a grain bin or making repairs. We’ll help you ensure your storage facility is ready to go.

Repair Services Available to Support Fall Harvest

Grain Storage RepairThe arrival of September means that fall harvest is right around the corner. At K & S we hope for a successful harvest for all. Long hours and hard work means there may be equipment breakdowns that require repairs. K & S can help with grain storage and handling repairs.

When crops and field conditions are ready, you need to get the work done. If something breaks it needs to be repaired as soon as possible. K & S Millwrights offers 24-hour repair service for that exact reason. We also maintain a full inventory of parts to replace broken components quickly.

There are many grain storage and handling structures and equipment that we can help repair.

Repair Examples

  • Repair or replace leg and conveyor belts
  • Auger repair
  • Drag conveyor repairs
  • Bin repairs
  • Portable welding
  • Structural repairs
  • Grain dryer repairs
  • Gear box repair and replacement
  • Bearing replacement
  • Air transfer system repairs
  • Part supplier, new & used


Ask For Help

Are you repairing something yourself, but need a part or supplies. Don’t forget about our onsite hardware store. Save yourself time and gas money. Stop in and pick up the items you need. Kent keeps the store well-stocked.

Did summer go faster than expected, and you have a few preventative maintenance projects you were hoping to accomplish prior to harvest time? Call K &S, we’ll try to work you in before the busy time hits.

Keep the K & S phone number, 320-833-2228, handy just in case you need help with a repair. We’re here to help!

Local Hardware Store Offers Large Selection of Product

K&S Millwrights Hardware Store

The Hardware Store

The hardware store located at K & S Millwrights offers a lot more products than you might think! Many people that live in the area are aware that the hardware store exists, but are often surprised by the wide variety of items available.

Large Product Offering

We offer all the hardware store items you will need, but also carry a small section of sporting goods, lawn care from fertilizer to Roundup® and bird seed. The paint department and color match machine is a valuable addition. If we don’t have the color you are looking for, our machine will match your color and provide the formula to mix it for you.

The most popular items purchased are for plumbing projects. Plus, it never fails when we have a rain storm in the area that there is a rush for sump pumps! A unique item that you’ll find in the store is concrete mix for your small concrete projects.

K&S Hardware Store Manager

Hardware Store Manager, Kent Scharmer

Friendly and Knowledgeable Service

Kent Scharmer is the hardware store manager. He grew up in his family business, Scharmer Lumber, and knows the business like the back of his hand. Customer service is his top priority, which is a great fit with K & S. His friendly personality and expert knowledge are an important asset to the store. He’s always happy to help you find what you need.

The hardware store is open Monday – Friday 8am – 5:30pm and Saturday 8am – noon.

The K & S Hardware Store proudly serves the local community and surrounding areas since 2001. The last 16 years have been exciting and we appreciate the local patrons. Do you wish we offered additional products? Let Kent know. We may be able to add them to our offering.

Stop by the hardware store and check out the selection!

AGI Purchases Global Industries

If you follow the grain handling industry you may have heard about a change in ownership of Global Industries, Inc (Global).  In April AGI, Ag Growth International, purchased Global. Global owned brands such as MFS, York, Stormor, Brownie, GTS, Hutchinson, Mayrath, NECO and Sentinel Buildings.

AGI sells product internationally and acquired Global to expand its footprint and customer base in the US, along with key international markets.  AGI continually strives to be the global market leader in grain handling, conditioning and storage equipment.

Impact on K & S Millwrights

AGI and Global have a similar focus on customers and dealers, and they continue offer the highest quality products and service possible.  K & S Millwrights is a dealer of the Global/AGI products and we’ll continue to offer those products without any major changes.  The only change you may notice is the logo associated with the brands and products are being revised to match the AGI family of brands.

AGI Acquired Global Industries Brands

When you’re looking for grain handling and storage solutions K & S Millwrights is here to help.  We have access to many brands and solutions to help you find the right product for your situation.

Contact us with any questions.

Grain Bin Installation by K & S

Grain bin installation is something K & S Millwrights specializes in for the agriculture industry. Whether you’re creating an entire new setup, adding to your current bin configuration, adding a leg or looking for used product, K & S can help.

Multiple Grain Bin Suppliers

Grain Bin InstallationWe work with a variety of bin suppliers like Sioux Steel, AGCO, Conrad America and Hutchinson, to name a few. A full list of options can be found here. Our direct relationship with these companies allows us to find the grain bins you’re looking for.

Every project is unique

Sometimes we’re installing one 1,000-bushel bin and the next day we’re setting up to handle 1 million bushels. Grain legs and dryers are common additions to these projects. Not only do we offer installation, but repair service is popular too. Grain storage needs to function properly and as it gets closer to harvest time repairs and preventative maintenance is important.

Grain bin installation isn’t all we offer, but it is a big part of what we do every day.

Check out a few of our projects!

July 4th Holiday Hours at K & S

July 4th at K & S

Celebrate and be safe on the July 4th holiday. To allow our employees to enjoy the holiday with family and friends, we will be closed on Tuesday, July 4th. K & S Millwrights will be open with regular hours on Monday, July 3rd and will reopen on Wednesday, July 5th at 8am.

Summer Prep for Fall Harvest

Fall Harvest PreparationThe seeds are in the ground and summer is in full swing – that means fall harvest will be here before you know it! Now is your chance to check your grain handling and dryer systems to make sure it is ready to go when you are.

Equipment Updates and Repairs

Are there repairs you’ve been waiting to make? Was your grain dryer acting up last fall? Need your grain leg serviced or oil changed in your gearboxes? Call K & S for your pre-harvest check-up and we’ll take care of your pre-harvest maintenance for you. Doing this ahead of time gives you the assurance that you have tried to eliminate down time when you don’t want it! We offer many services for grain handling facility!

There are still a few months until fall arrives. Do you have enough bin space for your harvested grain? Don’t wait until the last minute. We can still get this done for you!

Steel Building Construction

Steel building construction is also popular right now. Have you been thinking about adding more building storage area to your operation? K & S can also provide you with a Sentinel and Plainsman steel construction building. It’s another piece of our great relationship with Global Industries, being able to work with you in all areas of your operation. It is always exciting to be able to offer more to our customers, to help them improve their operations!

Think about your fall harvest, it will be here before you know it! What can you do now to make it more effective and efficient in a few months?

Let K & S know how we can help!

Community Garden Creation and Support

Buffalo Lake Community GardenWith the overwhelming support of raised garden beds last year, the Buffalo Lake Economic Development Authority (EDA) decided that all Buffalo Lake residents could benefit from a Community Garden. That garden now exists and K&S Millwrights helped make it happen!

The site, which was all grass, needed some excavation work completed Excavation Work at Community Gardenbefore it would be ready for gardening. K&S Millwrights used their excavation equipment to haul in the needed materials and prepare the area. While we’ve done a variety of excavation projects, it is exciting to be able to participate in a community project like this. Supporting the local community that we live and work in provides an extra sense of accomplishment and community pride.

Dirt Work at community gardenPlant Your Own Garden

If you need a place to plant your garden, check out the lots on the corner of West Yellowstone Trail and 5th Street NW in Buffalo Lake, MN. The community gardens are ready and some of them have been planted already! To get families involved there are free seeds available for any children interested in planting. It is a great learning experience to Community Garden excavationwatching things grow and then be able to contribute to the family meal!

Anyone interested in planting in the community garden can contact Ivan (EDA Board President) and Maggie Wiggert at 320-833-5541 or Lorie Kirtz (EDA Executive Director) at 320-833-0000. We can’t wait to watch everything grow!

Did you know K&S offered Excavation Service?

Check out the other services we offer! 

Excavation Services Available for More Than Bin Preparation

The K&S Excavation Crew has a lot of experience preparing a location for the addition of a grain bin, dryer cement slab, site preparation or grain facility construction. They do many other types of projects as well. They have also cleared groves of tree and brush, taken down building stuctures such as barns and old farm houses, and repaired field intakes and drainage ditches.

Do you have a project that would benefit from the assistance of excavation equipment and skilled operators? Curt, Scott and Brad offers years of experience, and always look forward to a new challenge. K&S owns a variety of equipment including backhoes, dump trucks, packers, graders and more that allow us to offer many services. If you have a project we’ll figure out the best way to get it done for you.

K&S Excavation Crew

Recent Excavation Projects

The Excavation Crew completed a few interesting projects lately. They were working on a site in Burnsville, MN near the Minnesota River where they cleared cement to prepare for future construction.

K&S Excavation Services

Before that they were working on the local Community Garden. There are plans for it to be planted by the end of the month. We can’t wait to see it completed!

Think of K&S Millwrights the next time you have a project that requires excavation equipment. Think of K & S Millwrights, we are equipped to help you out!

Contact us today to get your project started.


Offering Grain Handling Solutions for 23 Years

May 2017 marks the 23rd anniversary of K & S Millwrights.  Each year it is interesting to reflect on our growth and the changes that occur in the agriculture industry.

Lafayette Project

An example of one of our projects.

Starting on the farm site of Ken and Pearl Stressman in Buffalo Lake, with support from Warren Gerdes at the Buffalo Lake Farmers Coop Elevator and local banker Keith Fischer, the K & S Millwrights’ journey began.  From the living room office to a renovated Quonset garage, we quickly were outgrowing every space we had.  Over time the Scharmer Lumber Yard was purchased for more warehouse storage, along with more land for building expansions.  Over the years, the original farm site evolved into the uprising of new buildings which has created the current site in the NE corner of Buffalo Lake. 

K&S Team

The entire K & S team.

Starting with one employee, Brad’s brother Brian, the company has grown over the years to five repair crews, two designated for new construction, an excavation crew, certified crane operators, precise CAD drawings for planning and layout, to a sales crew and five employee’s at the office site.  Many of these employees have been with us for years.  Including Brad’s son Ahron, who does some sales for the company and manages the new construction sites.  All of their commitment and knowledge are a huge part of the success of K & S Millwrights.  

Donna Moraz, a long-time supplier for K & S, said it best,

There was no fabrication shop, no K&S branded trailers, no auto-cad engineering, no onsite inventory, and no cranes. Today, K & S has all of that!

K&S Millwrights Hardware Store

The Hardware Store

In 2001, the local hardware store was purchased, moving this to K & S Millwrights at its onsite location was a win-win for everyone.  It not only provides supplies for K & S and our regular customers, but is also a needed resource for our local community.  Plus, Kent’s customer service is second to none! 

K & S Millwrights has grown into a premier full-service grain handling enterprise, serving customers across Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska and Illinois.  It is exciting to see the business grow over all these years!  THANK YOU to all our dedicated employees, and also equally important – you, our customers!  K & S would not be what it is today without you. We are proud to be a part of our agriculture community!

Would you like to learn more about K & S Millwrights?  Sign-up for our newsletter!